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English learning Links Best resources

English learning Links Best resources

Idioms más comunes en inglés – Expresiones idiomáticas en inglés

Posted: 08 Dec 2015 11:45 AM PST

Las expresiones idiomáticas juegan un papel importante en  inglés. De hecho, el uso de modismos es esencial para una comunicación exitosa, ya sea en escuchando, hablando, leyendo o escribiendo en inglés ya que los nativos lo usan comúnmente de manera natural. El estudiante puede aprender gramática y, con el tiempo, adquirir vocabulario adecuado, pero sin un conocimiento práctico de expresiones idiomáticas (idioms) pierden un componente muy útil para la comunicación efectiva.

¿Cómo estudiamos los IDIOMS o Expresiones idiomáticas?

Por supuesto, las expresiones idiomáticas que eligen aprender deben tener valor práctico y estar dentro de la capacidad del estudiante para comprender dichas expresiones. El aprendizaje de estas expresiones  no es una tarea fácil ya que el principal problema de muchos estudiantes es buscar una traducción literal de la lengua materna del estudiante al inglés que muchas veces resulta en errores y en confusión.

Por esta razón, la mejor manera es concentrarse en primero aprender expresiones idiomáticas básicas que se han incluido en el libro que ofrecemos en esta publicación.  No es necesario incluir los origines de los modismos ni enfocarse en traducciónes de las palabras individuales que componen una frase idiomática. Lo importante es aprender el significado en conjunto de la frase y saber en que usos comunicativos usar estas frases.

Libro GRATIS de Frases Idiomaticas comunes en Inglés – Essential Idioms in English

Para descargar el libro simplemente hagan clic en el siguiente enlace. El archivo esta en formato PDF listo para descargar e imprimir.

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English learning Links Best resources

English learning Links Best resources

Marriage Questions – English Conversation Questions

Posted: 02 Aug 2015 04:31 PM PDT

Best ESL Links

Welcome to EnglishLinking,

If you are married you know that it is not easy. Living together is tough and loving is just not enough. We have to be able to communicate and understand the other one becuase people are different and each one has their own way of expressing themselves.

I have been married for 8 years and my first year was difficult. Small things made us argue. We had trouble communicating letting the other person know what one felt. Even divorce came into our minds at some point but our love was very strong that made us find a way to reconcile and come together. ENglish questions

In this post we are sharing a PDF with Marriage Questions to helo us understand the other better. It is a simple exercise but it is a great way to start a conversation with our spouse.  Just follow the link to download the PDF file.

DOWNLOAD: Marriage Questions


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English learning Links Best resources

English learning Links Best resources

Test your English Level – Includes AUDIOS

Posted: 16 Apr 2015 05:07 AM PDT

Best English resources and ESL Links on the web

Evaluating our English is important in order to know where to start. There are different guidelines to evaluating your English level and therefore it is helpful to do different tests to get an idea on how well you know English. In this post we are sharing a free online English test to test your English Level according to international guidelines.

Not all tests are the same when it comes to evaluating your English level. Some concentrate on grammar, vocabulary, listening among others. Some are quite long that might take more than an hour whereas others are very short and are taken in just minutes. Therefore, it is recommendable to take different types of test and have a feedback from them to have a better knowledge of your English level.

Education First online English Level Test

In this opportunity we are sharing a free English level test which is brought to you by Education First online. This test is a very short one with only 18 questions which include 4 audio questions. The test has a multiple choice interactive format and is based on a communicative approach where grammar, vocabulary, and listening is evaluated. At the end of the test you are given the results of your evaluation. I recommend this test only if you have a preintermediate or higher English level.

test your english level


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English learning Links Best resources

English learning Links Best resources

Reading: Zodiac Sign Personality traits

Posted: 12 Feb 2015 07:22 AM PST

Best ESL links on the web – Free English materials and resources

Welcome to Englishlinking,

In this post we will be sharing a free reading in PDF format ready to download and print.  Remember to visit our diverse categories where you can find many links, resources and free material related to learning English as a second language.

It is frustrating to have limited vocabulary. I can see it when my students want to elaborate ideas and speak but cannot find the right word. This creates a very awkward and stressing environment during the conversation and does not allow any fluency. Speaking English is much more than knowing grammar and students sometimes do not understand that reading helps us in many different areas.

In this post we are going to share a reading based on describing the personality traits of each zodiac sign. We can find very useful vocabulary related to adjectives and vocabulary describing personality. In addition, it is very fun to read about the personality attributes of each zodiac sign because we can relate it to our friends and family members and check if it is true.  For example, I am Aquarius and most of the attributes stand true to my own ones. Can it be a coincidence or do the stars tell more about us? Be the judge.

Link: Reading: Zodiac Sign Personality Traits

reading zodiac signs esl


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English learning Links Best resources

English learning Links Best resources

ESL: Blog to improve your English Writing

Posted: 10 Jan 2015 06:31 AM PST

Learning ESL (English as a Second Language) – Best ONLINE resources for Students

Welcome to EnglishLinking,

In order to improve our English level we have to practice our different abilities. The most important areas are grammar, listening, speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary and writing. In this post we are going to share a blog with many tips and free articles to help you improve your English writing.

As a teacher I can say that one of the most difficult areas to practice is writing. Many students simply get easily bored when doing such activities. However, writing is  one of the most common ways we interact with other people in different settings. For example emails are used every day and most of us use at as the most important tool for communicating at work. Therefore it is important to practice writing and although at times activities in writing might seem a little boring, we have to find ways to making it entertaining.

Student books offer us material related to English writing but students most of the time do not feel any motivation to sit down and write for 10 or 15 minutes.  It is important to always focus on why we practice writing and choose the best materials to help us improve this important ability. There are many aspects of writing which are not covered in normal grammar classes and many students do not realize this.

Tips and Suggestions to help us improve our English Writing

The Everything English Blog is a great place to find tips and suggestions in order to improve our English writing. We encourage you to start practicing more writing and we think that many of these tips will help you in this area

improve english writing



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Grade Level: 4
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Frequency: 817

Bushu (Radical) Info:
彳 (ぎょうにんべん)
going man

Henshall Mnemonic:
follower runs futilely along road
Stroke Order Diagram (SOD): 10 Strokes

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ephemeral thing

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  •   [がくと]
    (n) student; follower; students and pupils [K] [D]
  •   [きょうと]
    (n) believer; adherent [K] [D]
  • 使   [しと]
    (n) apostle; disciple [K] [D]
  •   [しんと]
    (n) layman; believer; adherent; follower; laity [K] [D]
  •   [せいと]
    (n) pupil [K] [D]
  •   [とほ]
    (n) walking; going on foot [K] [D]
  •   [とろう]
    (n) fruitless effort; abortive scheme [K] [D]
  •   [ぼうと]
    (n) insurgent [K] [D]
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