Kamis, 24 April 2014

Yookoso Kanji a Day - JLPT 4 [ 一]

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Grade Level: 1
JLPT Level: 4

Frequency: 2

Bushu (Radical) Info:
一 (いち)

Henshall Mnemonic:
one finger
Stroke Order Diagram (SOD): 1 Strokes

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English Meaning(s):

Popular words and/or phrases using this kanji:
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  •   [いち]
    (num) one [K] [D]
  • 々   [いちいち]
    (adv,n) one by one; separately [K] [D]
  • つ   [ひとつ]
    (n) one [K] [D]
  • つ   [ひとつひとつ]
    (n) one-by-one; separately; in detail [K] [D]
  • まず   [ひとまず]
    (adv) for the present; once; in outline [K] [D]
  • り   [ひとにぎり]
    (adj-no,n) handful; small handful [K] [D]
  •   [いちい]
    (n) first place; first rank; unit's position [K] [D]
  •   [いちいち]
    (adv,n) one by one; separately [K] [D]
  •   [ひゃくじゅうきゅうばん]
    ambulance and fire brigade emergency tel. no. (in Japan) [K] [D]
  •   [いちいん]
    (n) person; member [K] [D]
  •   [いちいん]
    (n) cause [K] [D]
  •   [いちえん]
    (adv,n) whole district; one yen; throughout [K] [D]
  •   [いちおう]
    (adv) once; tentatively; in outline; for the time being [K] [D]
  •   [いちおく]
    (n) 100,000,000; one hundred million [K] [D]
  •   [いっか]
    (n) a house; a home; a family; a household; one's family; one's folks; a style [K] [D]
  •   [いっか]
    (n,vs) passing away [K] [D]
  •   [いっかい]
    (adj-no,n) mere; only a .. [K] [D]
  •   [いっかい]
    (n-adv) once; one time; one time; one round; one game; one bout; one heat; one inning [K] [D]
  • り   [ひとまわり]
    (n-adv) one turn; one round [K] [D]
  •   [いっかい]
    (n) one floor; first floor [K] [D]
  • に   [いちがいに]
    (adv) unconditionally; as a rule [K] [D]
  •   [いっかく]
    (n) corner; section; point; one narwhal; apparently [K] [D]
  •   [いっかつ]
    (n,vs) all together; batch; one lump; one bundle; summing up [K] [D]
  •   [いっかん]
    (n) link [K] [D]
  •   [いっかん]
    (n) (1) consistency; coherence; integration; (2) one kan (8.333 lbs) [K] [D]
  •   [いちがん]
    (n) lump; (into) one [K] [D]
  •   [いっきいちゆう]
    (n) now rejoice, now worry; alternate hope and fear; mixed blessings; joys and sorrows [K] [D]
  •   [いちご]
    (n) (1) one's life time; lifetime; (2) term; half-year; quarter [K] [D]
  •   [いっき]
    (n) (abbr) drink! (said repeatedly as a party cheer) [K] [D]
  • に   [いっきに]
    (adv) at once; at a breath (stroke, sitting) [K] [D]
  • ち   [いっきうち]
    (n) personal combat [K] [D]
  •   [いちぎ]
    (n) (1) reason; principle; meaning; (2) first meaning; first principle; first consideration [K] [D]
  • み   [ひとやすみ]
    (n) rest [K] [D]
  •   [いっきゅう]
    (adj-na,n) one grade; first-class; primary [K] [D]
  •   [いっきょ]
    (n-adv,n) one effort; one action [K] [D]
  • に   [いっきょに]
    (adv) at a stroke; with a single swoop [K] [D]
  •   [いっきょく]
    (n) one game (checkers, etc.) [K] [D]
  •   [いっきょく]
    (n) tune (melody, piece of music) [K] [D]
  •   [ひとすき]
    (adj-na,n) a line; earnestly; blindly; straightforwardly [K] [D]
  •   [いちぐう]
    (n) corner; nook [K] [D]
  •   [いちぐん]
    (n) an army; the whole army; first string players (sports) [K] [D]
  •   [いちがつ]
    (n-adv) January [K] [D]
  •   [いっけん]
    (n) matter; item [K] [D]
  •   [いっけん]
    (adv,n,vs) (1) look; glimpse; glance; (2) (adv) apparently; seemingly; (3) first meeting [K] [D]
  •   [いちげん]
    (adj-no,n) unitary [K] [D]
  •   [いちげんか]
    (n) unification; centralization [K] [D]
  •   [いちごん]
    (n) single word [K] [D]
  •   [ひとこと]
    (n) single word [K] [D]
  •   [いっこ]
    (n) piece; fragment [K] [D]
  • て   [いっこだて]
    (n) (separate) house [K] [D]
  •   [ひとくち]
    (n) mouthful; one word; bite; sip; draft [K] [D]
  •   [いっこう]
    (adv) (not) at all [K] [D]
  • に   [いっこうに]
    (adv) (not) at all [K] [D]
  •   [いっこう]
    (n) whole school; the first proof; one proofreading [K] [D]
  •   [いちぎょう]
    (n) line; row; troupe; party [K] [D]
  •   [いっこう]
    (n) line; row; troupe; party [K] [D]
  •   [いっこく]
    (adj-na,n-adv,n-t) (1) minute; moment; an instant; (2) stubborn; hot-headed [K] [D]
  •   [いっこく]
    (adj-na,n-adv,n-t) whole country; stubborn; hotheaded [K] [D]
  •   [いちざ]
    (n) (1) party; those present; troupe; (2) first seat [K] [D]
  •   [いっさくじつ]
    (n-adv,n-t) day before yesterday [K] [D]
  •   [おととい]
    (n-adv,n-t) day before yesterday [K] [D]
  •   [いっさくねん]
    (n-adv,n-t) year before last [K] [D]
  •   [おととし]
    (n-adv,n-t) year before last [K] [D]
  •   [いっさんかたんそ]
    (n) carbon monoxide [K] [D]
  •   [いちじ]
    (n) letter; character [K] [D]
  •   [いちじ]
    (n-adv,n) one hour; short time; once; a time; temporarily; at one time; twelfth part of a day [K] [D]
  •   [ひととき]
    (n-adv,n) moment; time [K] [D]
  •   [いちじき]
    (n-adv) a period (of time) [K] [D]
  •   [いちじきん]
    (n) lump sum [K] [D]
  •   [いちじてき]
    (adj-na,n) temporary [K] [D]
  •   [いっしき]
    (n) complete set; all; everything [K] [D]
  •   [いっしつ]
    (n) one room [K] [D]
  •   [いって]
    (n) move (in game); method; single-handed; monopoly [K] [D]
  •   [いっしゅ]
    (adv,n) species; kind; variety [K] [D]
  •   [いっしゅ]
    (n-adv,n-t) poem [K] [D]
  •   [いっしゅう]
    (n) once around; a revolution; a lap; a turn; a round; one full year [K] [D]
  •   [いっしゅうねん]
    (n) one full year [K] [D]
  •   [いっしゅうかん]
    (n) one week [K] [D]
  •   [ひとえ]
    (n) one layer; single [K] [D]
  •   [いっしゅん]
    (n-adv,n-t) moment; instant [K] [D]
  •   [いっしょ]
    (adv,n) together; meeting; company [K] [D]
  • に   [いっしょに]
    (adv) together (with); at the same time; in a lump [K] [D]
  •   [いちじょ]
    (n) help; assistance [K] [D]
  •   [いちじょ]
    (n) daughter; the eldest daughter; woman [K] [D]
  •   [いちじょう]
    (n) streak; matter; quotation [K] [D]
  •   [いっしょく]
    (adj-na,n) one color; one article [K] [D]
  •   [いっしん]
    (n) first instance; first trial [K] [D]
  •   [いっしん]
    (adv,n) one mind; wholeheartedness; the whole heart [K] [D]
  • に   [いっしんに]
    (adv) with one mind [K] [D]
  •   [いっしん]
    (n) complete change; reform; restoration; remodeling; renewal [K] [D]
  •   [いっしん]
    (n) oneself; one's own interests; throughout the body [K] [D]
  •   [ひとり]
    (n) one person [K] [D]
  •   [ひとりっこ]
    (n) an only child [K] [D]
  • で   [ひとりで]
    alone; by oneself; voluntarily; spontaneously; automatically [K] [D]
  •   [ひとりひとり]
    (n-t) one by one; each; one at a time [K] [D]
  •   [いちにんまえ]
    (n) (1) adult; full manhood or womanhood; (2) one helping; one portion [K] [D]
  •   [ひとりむすこ]
    (n) an only son [K] [D]
  •   [いちじんぶつ]
    (n) man of some importance; character [K] [D]
  • らし   [ひとりぐらし]
    (n) a single life; a solitary life; living alone [K] [D]
  •   [ひとりむすめ]
    (n) an only daughter [K] [D]
  •   [ちょっと]
    (ateji) (adv,int) (1) (uk) just a minute; short time; just a little; (2) somewhat; easily; readily; rather [K] [D]
  •   [いっせい]
    (n) a lifetime; a generation; foreign immigrant; Japanese immigrant to USA [K] [D]
  •   [いっしょう]
    (n-adv,n-t) whole life; a lifetime; all through life; one existence; a generation; an age; the whole world; the era [K] [D]
  •   [いっしょうけんめい]
    (adj-na,n-adv,n) very hard; with utmost effort; with all one's might [K] [D]
  •   [いっせい]
    (n-adv,n) simultaneous; all at once [K] [D]
  • に   [いっせいに]
    (adv) simultaneously; all at once [K] [D]
  •   [ひとむかし]
    (n) ages; long time; decade; the past ten years [K] [D]
  •   [いっせき]
    (n) one game (of go) [K] [D]
  •   [いっせきにちょう]
    (exp,n) killing two birds with one stone [K] [D]
  •   [いっさい]
    (n-adv,n) all; everything; without exception; the whole; entirely; absolutely [K] [D]
  •   [いっせつ]
    (n) a verse (e.g. in the Bible); stanza; paragraph; passage; a joint; section; a tune; note; strain; measure [K] [D]
  •   [いっせん]
    (n) 1,000; one thousand [K] [D]
  •   [いっせん]
    (n) battle; game; bout [K] [D]
  •   [いっせん]
    (n) line [K] [D]
  •   [いっそう]
    (n-adv,n) much more; still more; all the more [K] [D]
  •   [いっそう]
    (n) clean sweep [K] [D]
  •   [いっそく]
    (n-adv,n-t) pair (footwear) [K] [D]
  •   [ひとあし]
    (n) step [K] [D]
  •   [いちぞく]
    (n) (1) family; relatives; dependents; (2) household [K] [D]
  •   [いちだ]
    (n) stroke; blow [K] [D]
  •   [いったい]
    (adv,n) (1) one object; one body; (2) what on earth?; really?; (3) generally [K] [D]
  •   [いったいいち]
    (n) one-to-one [K] [D]
  •   [いったい]
    (n) region; zone; whole place [K] [D]
  •   [いちだい]
    (n) generation; lifetime; age [K] [D]
  •   [いちだい]
    (n) one large .. [K] [D]
  •   [いったん]
    (adv) once; for a moment; one morning; temporarily [K] [D]
  •   [いっぱし]
    (adv,n) like other people [K] [D]
  •   [いちだん]
    (n) body; group; party; gang; troupe [K] [D]
  •   [いちだん]
    (adv,n) (1) more; much more; still more; all the more; (2) part (of a talk) [K] [D]
  • と   [いちだんと]
    (adv) greater; more; further; still more [K] [D]
  •   [いちだんらく]
    (n) pause [K] [D]
  •   [いちなん]
    (n) boy; eldest son [K] [D]
  •   [いっち]
    (n,vs) (1) coincidence; agreement; union; match; (2) conformity; consistency; (3) cooperation [K] [D]
  •   [いっちゃく]
    (n-t) first arrival; first in race; suit of clothes [K] [D]
  •   [いっちょう]
    (n-adv) (1) one block (city); (2) piece; an order [K] [D]
  •   [いっちょくせん]
    (n) straight line [K] [D]
  •   [いっつう]
    (n) one copy (of a document) [K] [D]
  • り   [ひととおり]
    (adj-no,n) ordinary; usual; in general; briefly [K] [D]
  •   [いってい]
    (adj-no,n,vs) fixed; settled; definite; uniform; regularized; defined; standardized; certain; prescribed [K] [D]
  •   [いってん]
    (n) speck; dot; point; only a little; particle; only one [K] [D]
  •   [いちず]
    (adj-na,n) wholeheartedly; earnestly [K] [D]
  •   [いちど]
    (n-adv) once; one time; on one occasion [K] [D]
  • に   [いちどに]
    (adv) all at once [K] [D]
  •   [いっとう]
    (n) party; clique [K] [D]
  •   [いっとう]
    (n) first-class; first-rank; A1; the most; the best [K] [D]
  •   [いちどう]
    (n) all present; all concerned; all of us [K] [D]
  •   [いちどう]
    (n) one building (hall, temple, shrine, room) [K] [D]
  •   [いちに]
    (n) the first and second; a few [K] [D]
  •   [いちにち]
    (n) (1) one day; (2) first of month [K] [D]
  •   [ついたち]
    (n) (1) first of month [K] [D]
  •   [いちにちじゅう]
    (n) throughout the day [K] [D]
  •   [いちにん]
    (n,vs) entrusting [K] [D]
  •   [いちねんせい]
    (n) (1) annual (plant); (2) first-year university or high-school student (esp. US); freshman [K] [D]
  •   [いちねんじゅう]
    (n-adv,n-t) all year round [K] [D]
  •   [いっぱ]
    (n) school; sect; party [K] [D]
  •   [いっぱい]
    (n) one defeat [K] [D]
  •   [いっぱい]
    (adj-na,adv,n) (1) cup of ..; drink; (2) full; (3) to the utmost; up to (one's income); a lot of; much [K] [D]
  •   [いちばい]
    (n) one share; one amount [K] [D]
  •   [いっぱく]
    (n) stopping one night [K] [D]
  •   [いっぱつ]
    (n-adv,n-t) (1) one shot; round; charge; (2) homerun (baseball) [K] [D]
  •   [いっぱん]
    (adj-no,n) general; liberal; universal; ordinary; average [K] [D]
  • に   [いっぱんに]
    (adv) in general [K] [D]
  •   [いっぱんてき]
    (adj-na) popular; typical; general [K] [D]
  •   [ひとばん]
    (n-adv,n-t) one evening; all night; overnight [K] [D]
  •   [ひとばんじゅう]
    all night long; all through the night [K] [D]
  •   [いちばん]
    (n-adv) (1) best; first; number one; (2) game; round; bout; fall; event (in a meet) [K] [D]
  •   [いちばんて]
    first player; first worker [K] [D]
  • り   [いちばんのり]
    (n) leader of a charge; first to arrive [K] [D]
  •   [いっぴょう]
    a vote; ballot [K] [D]
  •   [いっぴん]
    (n) an item; article; dish; course [K] [D]
  •   [いちぶ]
    (n-adv,n) (1) one part; one portion; one section; some; (2) one copy, e.g. of a document [K] [D]
  •   [いちぶぶん]
    (n) a part; a portion; a section [K] [D]
  •   [いっぷう]
    (n) eccentric [K] [D]
  •   [いちぶ]
    (n) one tenth; one hundredth; one percent; one tenth of a sun; one quarter ryou (an old coin) [K] [D]
  •   [いちもん]
    (n) something insignificant; one mon (10th sen) [K] [D]
  •   [いっぺん]
    (n,vs) complete change; about-face [K] [D]
  •   [いっぺんとう]
    (n) complete devotion to one side [K] [D]
  •   [いっぺん]
    (n-adv) once [K] [D]
  • に   [いっぺんに]
    (adv) at one time [K] [D]
  •   [いっぽ]
    (n-adv,n-t) a step [K] [D]
  •   [いっぽう]
    (conj,n-adv,n) (1) on the other hand; one side; one way; one direction; one party; the other party; (2) meanwhile; (3) only; simple; in turn [K] [D]
  •   [いっぽうつうこう]
    one-way traffic [K] [D]
  •   [いっぽうてき]
    (adj-na) one-sided; unilateral; arbitrary [K] [D]
  •   [いっぽん]
    (n) (1) one long cylindrical thing; (2) one version; (3) a certain book; (4) a blow; (5) an experienced geisha [K] [D]
  •   [いちまい]
    one thin flat object; one sheet [K] [D]
  •   [いちまいいわ]
    (n) monolithic [K] [D]
  •   [ひとまく]
    (n) one act [K] [D]
  •   [いちまつ]
    (n) (1) a touch of; tinge of; (2) exhalation; wreath of smoke [K] [D]
  •   [いちめん]
    (adv,n) one side; one phase; front page; the other hand; the whole surface [K] [D]
  •   [いちもく]
    (n-adv,n-t) a glance; a look; a glimpse [K] [D]
  •   [ひとめ]
    (n-adv,n-t) a glance; a look; a glimpse [K] [D]
  •   [いちもん]
    (n) a question [K] [D]
  •   [いちもん]
    (n) the family; dependents; household; kin; clan [K] [D]
  •   [いちや]
    (n-adv,n-t) one night; all night; overnight; one evening [K] [D]
  •   [いちやく]
    (n-adv,n-t) (at) one bound [K] [D]
  •   [いちよう]
    (adj-na,n) uniformity; evenness; similarity; equality; impartiality [K] [D]
  •   [いちよく]
    (n) a part [K] [D]
  •   [いちらん]
    (n) at a glance; a look; a glance; a summary; (school) catalog [K] [D]
  •   [いちらんひょう]
    (n) list; table; schedule; catalogue [K] [D]
  •   [いちりづか]
    (n) milestone (1 ri apart) [K] [D]
  •   [いちりつ]
    (adj-na,n-adv,n) evenness; uniformity; monotony; equality [K] [D]
  •   [いちりゅう]
    (n) first-class; top grade; school (of art); foremost; top-notch; unique [K] [D]
  •   [いちりょう]
    (n-adv) (1) one vehicle; (2) one ryou (an old coin) [K] [D]
  •   [いちるい]
    (n) first base; a fort [K] [D]
  •   [いちれい]
    (n) example; an instance [K] [D]
  •   [いちれん]
    (n) a series; a chain; a ream (of paper) [K] [D]
  •   [かくいつ]
    (adj-na,n) uniformity; standardization [K] [D]
  •   [かんいっぱつ]
    (n) hair's breadth [K] [D]
  •   [きんいつ]
    (adj-na,n) uniformity; equality [K] [D]
  •   [こくいっこく]
    (adv) moment by moment; hour by hour [K] [D]
  • と   [こくいっこくと]
    moment by moment; hour by hour [K] [D]
  • つ   [いまひとつ]
    (adv,n) one more; another; the other; not quite [K] [D]
  •   [じゅういち]
    (n) 11; eleven [K] [D]
  •   [じゅういちがつ]
    (n-adv) November [K] [D]
  •   [ひといちばい]
    (adv,n) more than others; redoubled; unusual [K] [D]
  •   [ずいいち]
    (n) best; greatest; first [K] [D]
  •   [せかいいち]
    (n-adv,n-t) best in the world [K] [D]
  •   [せいいっぱい]
    (n-adv) with all one's might [K] [D]
  •   [だいいち]
    (adv,n) first; foremost; # 1 [K] [D]
  •   [だいいちぎ]
    (n) first principle; original or greatest import [K] [D]
  •   [だいいちにんしゃ]
    (n) leading person [K] [D]
  •   [だいいっせい]
    (n) first tone; first speech [K] [D]
  •   [だいいっせん]
    (n) the front (of a battlefield); forefront [K] [D]
  •   [だいいっぽ]
    (n) first step [K] [D]
  •   [たくいつ]
    (n) choosing an alternative [K] [D]
  •   [たんいつ]
    (adj-na,n) single; simple; sole; individual; unitory [K] [D]
  •   [ちくいち]
    (adv) one by one; in detail; minutely [K] [D]
  •   [とういつ]
    (n,vs) unity; consolidation; uniformity; unification; compatible [K] [D]
  •   [どういつ]
    (adj-na,adj-no,n) identity; sameness; similarity; equality; fairness [K] [D]
  •   [にしゃたくいつ]
    (n) alternatively [K] [D]
  •   [にっぽんいち]
    (n) Japan's best; number one in Japan [K] [D]
  •   [はらいっぱい]
    (adv,n) bellyful; full stomach; to one's heart's content [K] [D]
  •   [まんがいち]
    (adv,n) if by any chance; 10000 to 1 [K] [D]
  •   [まんいち]
    (adv,n) by some chance; by some possibility; if by any chance; 10,000:1 odds [K] [D]
  •   [まんじょういっち]
    (n) unanimous [K] [D]
  •   [ゆいいつ]
    (adv,n) only; sole; unique [K] [D]
  •   [ゆいつ]
    (adv,n) only; sole; unique [K] [D]
  •   [ちからいっぱい]
    (adv) with might and main [K] [D]
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